Arena Calendar

Quickpaws Arena Events Calendar

Please read the following information carefully:

  • If you are going to attend, please confirm prior to 8 am on the day of the session by text message to: 406-250-8460.  If no confirmations are received, the arena will not be open on that day.
  • Per-session fees are $10 for the first dog, and $5 for each additional dog.
  • Optional coaching fees are $5 per dog
  • Dogs must have some level of agility experience, either having competed or having completed verified lessons.
  • All dogs must be on leash at all times on property and must be crated while in the arena unless working on course.
  • Each handler must sign a release form to participate.
  • Toys or treats may be used in the ring, however, no food is allowed on equipment, and if dropped please pick it up.  Targets are available for treat placement.
  • DO NOT allow your dog to mark anything inside the arena or anything manmade outside.  Should your dog have a propensity to do this, please consider a belly band.