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Quickpaws Arena: 265 Haskill Crossing Road, Whitefish, MT

 The Top Finishers

Glacier Chasers Oktoberfest “Hats Off to Champs” trial is now in the books and what a blast we had!!!!

Thanks to judge Arlene Courtney for the fun and challenging courses she brought…always a pleasure having Arlene here.  Thanks to Vargie Williams who worked her butt off all weekend long; to Susan Randall who did all the scoring so quickly and accurately; to April Weber, Timothy Anderson, and all the other bodies who assisted in course building; to all the exhibitors who volunteered for worker spots….this trial could not have happened without you all!!

We had several NATCH’s earned: Gro Aasgaard & Kylie – NATCH 13; Susan Anderson & Deizel – NATCH 2 & V-NATCH 2; Joyce Roessner & Pagan – NATCH 7; Kathryn Hawkins & Clara – NATCH 1; and my little “tude” Kagney – NATCH 6 & V-NATCH 6.

We also had a Championship-like competition based on the 6 Regular runs over the 3 days.


  • 1ST PLACE – (599.05 pts) – KILLIAN RED Scranton
  • 2ND PLACE – (494.55 pts) – SQUIRT Smith
  • 3RD PLACE – (99.91 pts) – BELLE STAR Egbert


  • 1ST PLACE – (677.26 pts) – INDY Janssen
  • 2ND PLACE – (624.39 pts) – NEWTON Christie
  • 3RD PLACE – (571.13 pts) – KIESHA Williams


  • 1ST PLACE – (548.46 pts) – KAGNEY Scranton
  • 2ND PLACE – (402.34 pts) – JOEY Walgren
  • 3RD PLACE – (289.41 pts) – ALPINE Lamping


  • 1ST PLACE – (773.22 pts) – DEIZEL Anderson
  • 2ND PLACE – (769.79 pts) – FLURRY Randall
  • 3RD PLACE – (759.02 pts) – KYLIE Aasgaard

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Looking forward to our next trial in May…Y’ALL COME BACK NOW!!!!!

Carol Scranton

Glacier Chasers LLC


Accommodations: MyPlace Hotel, 755 Treeline Road, Kalispell, MT.

  • 406-752-4847
  • 20 Discounted Rooms Blocked for This Trial UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15th!
  • Rate: $70.00, double rooms, no pet fee!
  • Ask for “Glacier Chasers dog agility group” to get this rate.
  • Approximately 25 minutes and 16 miles to arena.

Directions to Arena

  • Address is 265 Haskill Crossing Road
  • Coming into Whitefish on 93 North (Spokane Ave), turn left (west) to continue on 93 North (2nd Street).
  • Go to second light (Baker Ave) and turn right (north).
  • Go over the viaduct/railroad tracks and turn right (east) at the light onto East Edgewood.
  • Stay on East Edgewood until you reach Haskill Basin Road, then turn left (north).
  • Go around the big curve now heading east.
  • Just after leaving the pavement (there is a sign that says “Pavement Ends”), take the road to the right with the sign “Haskill Crossing Road.”
  • Turn right at the fork in the road.
  • Continue to the end of the road – you’ll see the arena just to your left.

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