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Dog-Friendly Hotels in the Kalispell and Whitefish Area

spoiled_dogThe Premium has a list of hotels that are dog-friendly – Please consult the premium. 









We have onsite capability to host RVs, Campers (trailers, 5th-wheels, popups,…), but we have no water, no disposal, and very limited power (4 110VAC outlets with limited current capability).

RV and Campers

Please notify us at the time of your entry that you are in this category.  Please provide size of vehicle and that which is being towed.  If your vehicle is an RV, please provide length.  Also, please see secure your portable living quarters and do not leave trash outside.  We do have wild animals who wander through the site, including an occasional bear or mountain lion: they can be quite adept at opening your door if the anticipate a meal!

Waste and Water Facilities for RVs, etc.

The closest waste disposal and water facility of which we are aware can be found here as noted below.  There are others, but this one is easy to get to and on the way to and from the arena if you are traveling on highway 93.

Tent Campers

During trials we do have portable restroom facilities, but we have no other facilities.  Also, we are in the woods where the critters live.  It is not uncommon for bears, coyotes, mountain lions, deer, turkey, and others critters to wander through the site.  And while they tend to avoid the site during the day when there are lots of people and vehicles moving about, they do tend to be more curious at night.