Quickpaws Arena

Follow the Quickpaws Arena Project

The Quickpaws K9 Sports Arena will be ready for the May 2019 NADAC trial here in Whitefish.  You can follow the arena project on this page.

About the Quickpaws Arena

  • The Quickpaws K9 Sports arena is a dogs-only facility: of course, people get to play, too!
  • Arena dimensions are 80 x 200 feet, with an 80 x 120 competition and training area.  Floor to truss height is 16 feet.
  • Benching, staging, and admin occupy an 80 x 60 area.
  • Equipment and facilities occupy the remaining 80 x 20 area.
  • Competition surface is currently planned to be 1/3 washed sand and 2/3 fine bark.
  • People and equipment get just plain old dirt!
  • The arena will be heated.
  • At the moment, restroom facilities will be of the porta-style, but the long-term vision is for these facilities to be indoors.
  • There is ample parking for cars, RVs, and campers: there will be 120 VAC power available.
  • Access is from Haskill Basin Road: roads are paved except for the last 0.5 miles of gravel.


The address of the arena is:

265 Haskill Crossing Road, Whitefish, MT 59937 (note: this is NOT a mailing address).

The arena is located on 10 densely-wooded acres in Haskill Basin, 3.4 miles east of downtown Whitefish.

Follow the Project

Stay tuned for pictures and videos.  The surveying is done, and the trees start coming down on September 6th.

Before the Project Begins: Center of Property and Center of Clearing Where Arena Will be Constructed

The video begins looking due north to where the arena will be (125 feet to the north of this point) and then rotates clockwise 360 degrees.